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Price: From 2.950.000€

Location: Algarve – Portugal

Type: Luxury Villas



Located in a quiet area of Algarve, Portugal, surrounded by its own golf course and a quick drive from all needed amenities. Presenting a collection of private villas that offer a year-round natural lifestyle of pleasant summers and mild winters, with all the simple pleasures of the Algarve ingrained throughout high end luxury. These properties are within a 15 minute drive down to the spectacular beach and 20 minutes to the closes airport.

Intended to break down boundaries between outdoor and indoor living, they express and complement the surrounding natural beauty to maintain the traditional essence of the region. Complementing the contours of the surrounding hills into contemporary bio-climatic architecture. Each villa is comprised of distinct areas that surround a central patio area, creating the welcoming feel of a secluded forest hamlet. Removing the borders between outdoor and indoor living, the clearly defined spaces allow a seamless transition throughout the day. Personalization will create a completely unique space. Through locally-sourced materials, patterns and textures, each villa will tell its own distinct story, the tale of an owner, a region and how they grow together.

An exclusive, one-of-a-kind resort in a safe, secure country with several appealing fiscal benefits, such as the Non-Habitual Resident Status and Golden Visa Program, the freedom of a detached villa offers the possibility of acquiring either a primary or holiday home, a buy-to-let investment property or a property for retirement. Your perfect escape to a simpler way of life.

Only twelve unique villas are available, each fully detached and situated upon an expansive plot of between 1.700 and 3.300 m2. With total area ranging from 390 to 570 m2, each boasts incredible views with complete privacy. Every room of each 3 to 7-bedroom villa carries with it a sense of the region, artisanal details and local stones express the freedom of an outdoor lifestyle. Relax in the total seclusion and privacy of the inland Algarve, reassured by a full range of security and maintenance services. Becoming part of our story. Traditional outdoor spaces, exceptional facilities and a calendar of activities and events can be enjoyed the whole year-round.

Starting at the central plaza, the heart of a village, you will discover an entire village to explore. Friends, old and new, greet each other warmly at the clubhouse. Families set out to discover hidden forest trails. Tantalizing aromas and familial smiles welcome us to restaurants and bars. The simple pleasures and unforgettable memories of a lifestyle rooted in nature.


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